Publikators explores what it means to create and engage with print publications books in the world today, diving head-first into the peculiar love triangle (ohlala) between people, publishing and printed materials.


Publikators is conceived as an infinite series of projects, plans, ideas, concepts and events, each taking a closer look at the creation of books. We take a lateral sideways approach to conventional ‘publishing’ and the business of making books: we are as interested in what happens during the ‘making-of’ a book as in all that goes on after a book enters the world leaves the ‘shop’. Instead of mourning the death of print, we are determined to explore all the unexpected opportunities that open up with the widening of the gap between printed and digital media.


Books are for anyone. They’re just not for everyone.

(yeah, we stole that thought from the art critic Jerry Saltz)
We prefer a drastically hands-on, up-close-and-personal attitude approach when it comes to our projects. We shoot from the hip but in the most fun and productive sense of the word. Our work /practice is mostly collaborative and spans multiple disciplines and activities. We’re in it for the sheer fun of this operation: buckle up and join us for the ride.

Nul Zes
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The Netherlands
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